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The number of crossover points the similarity between

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Unformatted text preview: to produce offspring. •  In fixed ­length vector, the amount of varia/on produced by crossover is controlled by two factors: •  For a fixed ­length vector of length L, the number of possible crossover points is between 0 and L ­1. •  The number of crossover points. •  The similarity between parents to each other. 1 and 2 Point Crossover Operators •  One ­point crossover (Holland, 1975) I: ABCDEFG => ABCDefg J: abcdefg => abcdEFG •  Two ­point crossover (De Jong, 1975) I: ABCDEFG => ABcdeFG J: abcdefg => abCDEfg •  Distance bias: the genes that are close together are more likely to be inherited as a group than if they are widely separated. –  i.e. “a” and “g ” are less likely to be inherited together. –  ­> 9 ­1=8 crossover loca/ons •  In general, the larger the number of crossover points, the higher the amount...
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