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Unformatted text preview: 0 and standard devia0on σ. •  Uniform (σ): stochas0cally modify on average 1 of the L genes (muta0on rate = 1/L) with amount s that is selected uniformly between –σ and σ. Sphere func.on Minimize f(x1,x2) =x1^2+x2^2  ­5.12<=x1<=5.12  ­5.12<=x2<=5.12 How many op0mum? What is it? f(x)=? 2 1/30/14 Gaussian(0,1) •  [x1,x2] = [4.3,2.2] ⇒ Mutate the second gene:[4.3, 2.2+1.3]=[4.3,3.5] ⇒ Mutate the first gene:[4.3 ­1.1,2.5]=[3.2,2.5] •  With one gene is modified at a 0me, the distance between parent and offspring...
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