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Muta0on rate vs step size low muta0on rate large step

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Unformatted text preview: on average is the step s. •  [3.2, 2.5] – [4.3, 2.5] = [ ­1.1, 0] •  [4.3,3.5]  ­ [4.3, 2.5] = [0, 1.3] Gaussian Muta0on Step Size Muta0on Rate and Step Size •  Muta0on rate gives the number of genes that is modified on average during one muta0on opera0on. •  Example: vector length 2, muta0on rate ½=50% •  Step size is the average distance between a parent and offspring. •  Step size is defined by the standard devia0on. The larger the σ is, the larger the step size. Muta0on Rate Vs. Step Size •  Low muta0on rate + large step si...
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