Uniform muta0on 1 the value of mi step size is

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Unformatted text preview: many genes are modified; –  How the genes are modified; •  Real ­value vector: –  Gaussian muta0on: favor small changes than large change –  Uniform muta0on: all changes have the same probability Gaussian vs. Uniform Muta0on σ =1 •  The value of mi (step size) is selected from N (0,σ) •  The values of mi (step size) is selected from U ( ­σ, +σ) Gaussian vs. Uniform Muta0on •  Gaussian (0,σ): stochas0cally modify on average 1 of the L genes (muta0on rate = 1/L) with amount s that is selected under normal distribu0on of mean...
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