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E the step size is xed1 the varia0on amount is

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Unformatted text preview: ze: –  Only a small number of genes are modified with a large distance: –  Sphere func0on Example: –  Muta0on rate=1/2=50% –  Gaussian(0,3) –  [4.3,1.2] => [4.3, 1.2+2.8]=[4.3,4.0] •  Linear search on one of the x1 or x2 space. •  Effec0ve with gene values that have low interac0on (low epistasis) in impac0ng fitness. 3 1/30/14 Rosenbrock func.on Minimize f(x1,x2)=100*(x1^2 ­x2)^2+(1 ­x1)^2  ­5.0<=x1<=10.0  ­5.0<=x2<=10.0 How many op0mum? What is it? f(x)=? X1 and x2 interact with each other to define f(x) Binary Vector •  Bit ­flipping muta0on: –  A gene value is changed from 0 to 1 or from 1 to 0, i.e. the step size is fixed:1...
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