Lecture 10

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Unformatted text preview: distribu/on as possible Non ­dominated Sor/ng GA: NSGA II •  Non ­dominated Sor/ng: –  Assign the fitness to each solu/on in the popula/on based on the non ­dominated sor/ng rank. •  Maintaining the diversity of the solu/ons: –  Assign each solu/on in the popula/on with a crowding distance value. •  Progress towards a well ­spread Pareto ­op/mal front: –  Preferring non ­dominated and low ­crowding distance solu/ons •  Elite ­preserva/on: μ+λ 2 2/11/14 Iden/fying the Non ­dominated Solu/ons in the Popula/on •  What is (are) the non ­dominated solu/ons? b c d e f a 5 e,f,c c 4 b 3 2 e f 1 c 0 0 e A simple Non ­dominated Sor/ng Algorithm •  Iden/fy the best non ­dominated set in the popula/on (use...
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