These objecves are normally conicng with each other

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Unformatted text preview: •  Minimize f(x) & penalty(x) data a b c d e f dominances 6 a 5 penalty(x) •  The problem has several objec/ves to sa/sfy. •  These objec/ves are normally conflic/ng with each other. For example: 4 b 3 2 e 1 f c 0 0 5 d f(x) 10 15 1 2/11/14 Pareto ­op/mal Solu/ons Pareto ­Op/mal Fronts •  The set of solu/ons that are not dominated by any other solu/ons in the solu/on space is call Pareto ­op/mal solu/ons. •  The set of non ­dominated solu/ons is o^en called Pareto ­op/mal front as they reside at the boundary of the solu/on space. •  What are the Pareto ­op/mal front of the previous example solu/ons? Two Goals in Mul/ ­Objec/ve Op/miza/on •  Converge to the Pareto ­op/mal front •  Maintain the Pareto ­op/mal front with as diverse a...
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