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Unformatted text preview: tor (SO)= SO(1,2) //swap first visited city with the second visited city –  swap sequence (SS)=(SO(1,2,), SO(5,4), SO(5,1)) Par1cle Velocity Update •  v(t)=v(t ­1) α*(pbest ­x(t ­1)) β(gbest ­x(t ­1)) •  We need to define 2 operators: –  : Merge two swap sequences –   ­ : Subtract two permuta1ons •  Merging two Swap Sequences –  SS1 = (SO(1,2,), SO(5,4), SO(5,1)) –  SS2 = (SO(1,3,), SO(5,1), SO(2,1)) –  SS1 SS2 = (SO(1,2,), SO(5,4), SO(5,1), SO(1,3,), SO(5,1), SO(2,1)) //do not remove duplicates Par1cle Solu1on Update x(t) = x(t ­1) + v(t) •  + is the applica1on of swap operators to a...
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