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Unformatted text preview: a constant called cogni0ve accelera0on coefficient. •  Social component: the group norm or standard that individuals seek to aUain; c2 is a constant called social accelera0on coefficient. € € 1 2/20/14 Par0cle Posi0on Out ­of ­bound Par0cle Diverge and Velocity Clamping •  Velocity clamping does not guarantee the updated par0cle posi0on stays within the range. •  In [Venter and Sobieszczanski ­Sobieski, 2003], the par0cle with one or more dimension outside the range is handled by rese_ng the velocity vector to 0. •  Velocity can quickly explode to a large value; as a result, par0cles leave the boundaries of the search space. •  One way to control the global explora0on of par0cles is by clamping the veloci0es to stay within a maximum velocity Vmax,j for each dimension j of a par0cle: x1 x2 v1 v2 Vmax,1 Vmax,2 xn vn vj <= Vmax,j € •  If x(t) is outside the boundaries, push the posi0on € back to the closest bound. Vmax,n Controlling Velocity: Iner0a Weight •  Iner0a weight: introduced by [Shi and Eberhart,1998] as a mechanism...
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