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Clustering networks that are sparsely connected with a

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Unformatted text preview: loita0on to improve swarm search convergence 0me and the quality of solu0on. ω = χ, φ1 = χc1, φ 2 = χc 2 •  The constric0on coefficient approach: Global Vs. Local Neighborhood Implementa0on •  For the basic PSO, neighborhood is organized based on par0cle indices (not distance). –  Cheap –  neighborhood overlap –  guarantees convergence under the given constraints . –  There is no need for velocity clamping vmax. € Social Network Structures •  The social structure for PSO determines the forma0on of overlapping neighborhoods, where par0cles within a neighborhood influence one another. •  The flow of informa0on through a social network, depends on: –  the degree of connec0vity among nodes –  The amount of clustering –  The average shortest distance from one node to another. Impacts •  Connec0vity –  Highly connected: fast informa0on flow, quick popula0on...
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