In assignment 3 dierence c1 c2 values are given for

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Unformatted text preview: convergence. –  Less connected: par0cles have more diversity. •  Clustering –  Networks that are sparsely connected with a large amount of clustering: informa0on is shared with a slow flow between clusters. •  Average shortest distance –  Low average shortest distance means informa0on can flow from one node to another in a small number of steps. 4 2/20/14 Commonly used Structures Velocity Models •  Kennedy iden0fies 4 types of velocity models based on c1 and c2 . Full Model (c1, c2 > 0) Cogni0on Only Model (c1 > 0 and c2 = 0), Social Only Model (c1 = 0 and c2 > 0) Selfless Model: (c1 = 0, c2 > 0, and (gbest/lbest ≠ par0cle itself). •  Assignment 3 uses full model. •  •  •  •  star ring Accelera0on coefficients •  The accelera0on coefficient c1 and c2, together with r1 and r2, controls the stochas0c influence of the cogni0ve and social components on the overall velocity of a par0cle. •  c1 > 0, c2 =0, all par0cles are independent hill ­climbers toward pbest. •  c1 = 0,...
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