Linear decreasing shi and eberhart1999 assign an

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Unformatted text preview: get previous informa0on in order to focus primarily on the presumably higher quality bests of later itera0ons. 2 2/20/14 Effects of Iner0a Weight Dynamically Adjus0ng Iner0a Weight •  ω ≥ 1: veloci0es increase over 0me, accelera0ng towards the maximum velocity and the swarm diverge. (why?) •  ω < 1: veloci0es decelerate un0l their veloci0es reach zero (depending on the values of the cogni0ve and social accelera0on coefficients c1, c2 ) •  The smaller ω is, compared to c1 and c2, the more do the cogni0ve and social components control posi0on updates. •  Linear decreasing [Shi and Eberhart,1999] : assign an ini0al large value (0.9) and linearly decreased to a small value (0.4) Dynamically Adjus0ng Iner0a Weight  ­ con0nued Controlling Velocity: Constric0on Coefficient –  where w(0) is the ini0al iner0a weight, nt is the maximum number of 0me steps,...
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