Haiin zhu const const constant const c use use const

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Unformatted text preview: cimal:"<<hex<<number<<endl; cout<<"octal:"<<oct<<number<<endl; cout<<hex; cout<<123<<endl; cout<<234<<endl; cout<<345<<endl; cout<<dec; 第第第第 : 02/25/14 decimal:1000 hexadecimal:3e8 octal:1750 7b ea 159 清清清清清清清 CIMS 清清 清清清清清清清清 清 Dr. Haiin Zhu String 清清 清清清清清清清清清清清清 清清清清清清清清清清清清 string s1, s2; // Empty strings string s3 = "Hello, World."; // Initialized string s4("I am"); // Also initialized s2 = "Today"; // Assigning to a string s1 = s3 + " " + s4; // Combining strings s1 += " 8 "; // Appending to a string he l l oSt r i ngs cout << s1 + s2 + "!" << endl; 02/25/14 清清清清清清清清 CIMS 清清 清清清清清清清清 Dr. Haiin Zhu 第第第第第 vector- C++ 清清清清清清清 string 清清清清清清清清清清清清清清 清清清清清清清 , 清清清清清清...
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