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Unformatted text preview: 清清 清清清清清清清清 清清清清清 class C { A a; public: B b; }; C c; 改 改改 a 改 改改改改 改 改改 b 清清清清清清清清 CIMS 清清改改改改改 清清清清清清清清 c 改改改改 清清清清清清清清清清清 清清 清清 清清 清清 清清 清清清清清清清清 CIMS 清清 清清清清清清清清 lass Engine { class Car { ublic: public: void start() const {} Engine engine; void rev() const {} Wheel wheel[4]; void stop() const {} Door left, right; // 2­ ; door lass Wheel { }; ublic: void inflate(int psi) const {}int main() { ; Car car; lass Window { ublic: car.left.window.rollup(); void rollup() const {} void rolldown() const {} car.wheel[0].inflate(72); ; } lass Door { ublic: W i n do w w i n do w ; void open() const {} void close() const {} ; 0 清清清清清清清清 CIMS 清清 清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清 public 清 清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清 清清清清清清清清清清清清清 清清清清清清清清清清清清清清 改改改改改改改改改改改改改 , 改改改...
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