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Unformatted text preview: 清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清 清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清 – 清清清清清 C 清清清清清清清清清清清 7 清清清清清清清清 CIMS 清清 清清清清清清清清 清清清清清清清清清清清 清清清清清清清 ( 清清清 ) class MyNewClass { MyNewClass(…) : m_Obj1(…), m_Obj2(…) {} } 清清清清清清 ( 清清清 ) class MySubClass : public MyBaseClass{ MySubClass(…): MyBaseClass(…) {} } 清 清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清 常常常常常常常常常常常常常常常常常常常常 8 清清清清清清清清 CIMS 清清 清清清清清清清清 清清清清清清清清清 清清清清清清清 突突 突突突 突突突突突 清清清清清清清 9 清清清清清清清清 CIMS 清清 清清清清清清清清 清清清清清清清清清清清清 – 清清清清清清清清清 – 清清清清清清清清清 – 清清清清清清清清清清 清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清 清清清清清 – 清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清清 0 清清清清清清清清 CIMS 清清 清清清清清清清清 清清清清清清清清 amphibious tank::name?? vehicle quantity bus tank gun 1 清清清清清清清清 CIMS 清清 name ship tons amphibious tank 清 清清清清清清清清 class tank : virtual public vehicle { // 清清 int gun; int armor; public: tank():vehicle("tank") {} void Move(){cout <<"tank move" <<endl;} class ship : virtual public vehicle{ // 清 int ton; public: ship():vehicle("ship" ),ton(100) {} void Move(){cout <<"ship move" <<endl;} 2 }; }; class amtank: public tank, public ship{ // 清清清清 public: amtank():tank(),ship(),vehicle("amtank"){} // 清清清清清 ***** void fire(){ cout << "you dead!"<<endl;} void Move(){cout <<"ship move" &l...
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