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Set_3 Midterm_IDs - IDs, Set 3 Finnoh Bangura, Ted Han,...

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IDs, Set 3 – Finnoh Bangura, Ted Han, Alex Harding, Aaron Wild Eliza Jane Thompson , or “Mother Thompson,” was the first president of the Woman’s Crusade of 1873-1874. Thompson was elected president because the high status of her family in the Hillsboro community and because of her family’s interest in temperance, although she did not attend the lecture by Dr. Dio Lewis that inspired the crusade. The crusaders staged demonstrations in Hillsboro, Ohio, where they prayed that druggists and saloonkeepers would stop selling alcohol. They were quite successful. In Thompson’s account of the beginning of the crusade, she describes how some saloonkeepers and druggists swore to abandon selling alcohol immediately. Their effort expanded, inspiring other women, and eventually leading to the WCTU. The success of the crusade demonstrated the power women could have in temperance. The crusade was entirely performed by women after the initial inspiration from Dr. Lewis. Thompson wrote an account of the start of the crusade, emphasizing the piousness of the women’s effort. An Adair law is a law that allows wives of alcoholics to sue tavern keepers for causing damages by selling alcohol to their husbands. This law was used in 1872 by women in Ohio. This is an example of how women were beginning to take charge in the temperance movement as a defense of their families. This suit took place soon before the Woman’s Crusade in Hillsboro, which then led to the WCTU. During this period, women showed that they could have influence on politics and American society despite not being able to vote. In fact, the increasing political action and power of women during this temperance movement led men to be afraid that women would win the right to vote (evoking songs like “Don’t let the Women Vote” (1885)).During the third temperance movement, dram shop laws echoed the Adair laws, allowing bartenders to be sued for selling alcohol to drunk people. Skid Row
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Set_3 Midterm_IDs - IDs, Set 3 Finnoh Bangura, Ted Han,...

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