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Benjamin Rush / Lyman Beecher o Understand the differences between them, and their respective places within the first temperance movement, both chronologically and conceptually. International Opium Commission / Hague Convention / Harrison Act / Doremus and Webb decisions o Understand the relationships connecting these four, and their place in the bigger picture of American drug use, attitudes about drugs, and drug control. Also, role of Hamilton Wright, and which drugs were targeted. Women’s Crusade / Women’s Christian Temperance Union / Anti-Saloon League / Eliza Thompson / Frances E. Willard o Understand the differences between organizations, when they disappeared (approximately), and how they fit into the second temperance movement. Methadone maintenance o Understand why it is controversial, what it does, and how it relates to the history of heroin use. Volstead Act / Wartime prohibition / 18 th Amendment o Understand the differences between the Volstead Act and the amendment,
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Identifications_study_list,_Drugs_and_Alcohol - • • •...

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