E283 Mid Term AY1213 S2 Part Sol

Therefore d 1 when the rotor power supply turned off

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Unformatted text preview: , d) 1. When the rotor power supply turned off, the field current is interrupted. 2. When there is no field current, there is no flux produced from the rotor winding. 3. When there is no flux, the internal generated voltage dropped to zero. 4. When the internal generated voltage dropped to zero, the armature current will rise to a maximum value. 5. When the armature current value increases, the induced torque will increase. 6. When the induced torque increases, the speed will increase because th e induced torque is larger than the load torque. 7. Therefore, the vehicle will move faster when the power supply turned off. 8. However, the armature winding will burn out due to high armature current which subsequently causes the vehicle to stall and moving back downhill....
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