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American Empire Lecture 3 January 18, 2008 Empire Outside In 1) Cuba a) The last of Spain’s territories b) Economic and cultural dependencies on the United States i) The exportation of sugar to the United States as a major mean of income ii) Baseball replaces bullfighting as a pastime c) Guantanamo Bay i) A metaphor and symbol of U.S. Empire ii) Still remains part of the U.S. today d) Platt Amendment i) Cuba now became a territory for investment for the United States e) Began to teach U.S. history in Cuban schools i) US trying to get Cubans to think of themselves as Americans and closer to the US than to Spain 2) Puerto Rico a) Remains a virtual colony of the United States
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Unformatted text preview: b) US decided to prove that it was an empire that would foster uplift and progress 3) Philippines a) US began to count who was there and categorize them racially b) Important for administering a space, establishing authority, and creating a sense of control 4) W.E.B. Du Bois a) Looked at the war and saw it as crisis of identity for African Americans b) Idea of double consciousness i) Were Americans but also understood their identity as people who were discriminated against ii) Their race as a limit to their ability to be citizens iii)...
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