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regression models for ordinal responses a review of methods

2 the drugs c15 and c60 are the same drug but vary in

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Unformatted text preview: than the pair C15 and C60.2 The drugs C15 and C60 are the same drug, but vary in their potency. Usually, such data are analysed by creating dichotomies among the levels of the response variable. Possible dichotomies include comparing ‘very good’ to ‘poor’, ‘good’ to ‘poor’, and so on. Standard regression procedures, such as the logistic regression, can then be utilized for data analyses. Although such approaches are not incorrect, they often result in a loss of information due to collapsing (or ignoring) some categories of the response (unless In the study of the dependence of a response variable on a set of independent variables, the choice of a model is largely determined by the scale of measurement of the response.1 Epidemiologists are often interested in estimating the risk of adverse events originally measured on an interval scale (such as birthweight), but they often choose to divide the outcome into two or more categories in order to compute an estimate of effect (risk or odds ratio). Similarly, response vari...
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