regression models for ordinal responses a review of methods

A situation under which this assumption does not hold

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Unformatted text preview: partial-proportional odds model6 was to relax the strong assumption of identical log-odds ratio for the Y by x1 association, in the proportional odds model. Violation of the assumption of identical log-odds could lead to the formulation of an incorrect or misspecified model. A situation under which this assumption does not hold is illustrated below. Analgesic trial data . For purposes of illustration, consider the analgesic trial data2 described in Table 1. ˆ The estimated log-odds ratios [β ], and their estimated ˆ )], for the logits are presented in standard errors [se(β ˆ Table 1, for comparisons between the drugs Z100 and EC4 versus C15 and C60. The results indicate that the ˆ log-odds ratio is largest (β = 2.6384) when the rating of the drug is dichotomized at Y = 4 ‘ less than very good’ ( 3) versus ‘very good’ (4); the dichtomization for the ˆ next largest (β = 1.5476) being at Y = 3, ‘poor or fair’ versus ‘good or very good’ (Y 3), and the log-odds ˆ ratio is smallest (β = 0.7013), when the dichtomization is made at Y = 2, ‘poor’ ver...
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