regression models for ordinal responses a review of methods

Intermediate response and 2 full response to the

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Unformatted text preview: se Y that is constructed by merging multiple factors, or is a multidimensional construct such as the Apgar score. The Apgar score (ranging from 0 to 10) is constructed by amalgamating the scores of five individual measurements (Heart rate, Respiratory effect, Colour, Muscle tone, and Reflex response) on a newborn infant, with each recorded on 1328 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY TABLE 3 Distribution of perineal lacerations in relation to episiotomy: Nova Scotia, Canada, 1992–93 Episiotomy Degree of laceration None None Midline 1° 2° 3° 4° Total 9238 1204 140 8 71 8 131 89 37 38 9617 1347 a three-point scale (0 = no response, 1 = intermediate response, and 2 = full response to the function). Anderson10 extended the stereotype model to capture the multidimensional structure (such as Apgar scores) of the underlying response Y. He proposed a twodimensional extension to equation (10) as βj = øj β – ϕj γ j = 1,2,…,k (12) with øk ≡ ϕk ≡ 0. Equation (12) can be extende...
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