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Lecture 6- Jan 30

Lecture 6- Jan 30 - American Empire Lecture 6 1 Hiram...

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American Empire Lecture 6 January 30, 2008 1) Hiram Bingham a) Crucial to the understanding of history of US imperialism b) Professor of Latin American history at Yale c) Believed that the US was the only power that could govern uncivilized nations that could not govern themselves d) US had to guard against revolutions inspired by Socialism/Socialists e) In 1913 essay Bingham had said the opposite, that US imperialism was not good and that Monroe Doctrine had no place in international law f) Has reputation in America for “discovering” Machu Picchu g) Came from a very distinguished family i) Family of missionaries (1) Reminds us of the importance of missionaries in US international conquest h) He went on several expeditions to Peru i) Underwritten by Yale, Eastman Kodak ii) Connected to very important economic interests iii) Also sponsored by National Geographic Society iv) Discovery of Machu Picchu (1) Yale takes many artifacts from the site i) First went to South America in early 1900s i)
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