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Unformatted text preview: are most distant. correction = 52+46+22+22+2(4+2) = 154/500 = 30.8 19 Answer: p j r 30.8 m.u. 10.0 m.u. 20.8 m.u. 20 Indicates they ARE on the same chromosome no, the numbers are all very very close so it is a no brainer that the genes are being assorted independently. not linked. so far apart that every time there is a crossover. 21 Summary: Three-point crosses The two largest phenotypic classes represent the parental classes (nonrecombinant) The two smallest phenotypic classes represent double crossovers The gene whose alleles have been ‘switched’ between parental and double crossover classes is in the middle Double crossovers must be counted twice when calculating the distance between the two outside genes 22 Determining gene order and alleles from unknowns on the X chromosome using three-point cross analysis we don’t know what the arrangement of each allele is on each chromosome. parental class - noncrossover crossover between most dis...
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