Pick a p genotype w y m 2 pick a dco genotype w y m 3

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Unformatted text preview: genotype = w y+ m 3.  compare - the only one that is the different is in the middle crossover between most distant genes (region I) crossover between closest genes (region II) double crossover 26 check that there are 8 sets for the mapping calculation. X-linked data from males of a cross v b+p+ 580 v+b+p+ 94 v b+p 3 v+b p+ 5 v+b p 592 v b p+ 45 vbp 89 v+b+p 40 1448 What’s the genotype of the F1 female? two biggest numbers - v b+ p+; v+ b p+ F2 genotype is all 8 What’s the gene order? P is in the middle Map distances? (v-b = 19.6 m.u.) (v-p = 13.2 m.u.) (b-p = 6.4 m.u.) data sets with less than 8 (ie. 6), generally double crossover is missing - not enough breeding? - another instance - breed millions of flies and not see the crossover - due to interference. 27 Interference The number of double crossovers may be less than expected Why? Because sometimes a crossover in one re...
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