Euploidy insects ants bees wasps sterile males workers

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Unformatted text preview: nts, bees, wasps -sterile males (workers) are produced by parthenogenesis -whereby an unfertilized gamete from the female develops into an embryo 30 2005 Virgin birth at UK zoo Females ZW, males ZZ takes the Z, stimulates it to replicate after the Sphase for diploid then regular cell cycle NOT CLONING Whiptail lizard - all females, they have perfected parthenogenesis. 31 Euploidy Salamanders, frogs and some reptiles commonly exhibit polyploidy. All Salmon are tetraploid. Plants - euploidy is often induced in plants 32 Triploidy Result from the union of monoploid and diploid gametes (from a diploid and tetraploid cross) Triploids are almost always sterile - extra chromosomes can’t pair at meiosis -sexual reproduction results in unbalanced gametes 33 34 triploidy can be viable, but not fertile - dead end. Tetraploidy Germinal tissue...
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