How she mustve made an egg with all horse chromosomes

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Unformatted text preview: horse chromosomes… but she did it again… she somehow tagged all the horse chromosomes and donkey chromosomes, and identified them as maternal and paternal. Not the first animal to identify doing this. 40 Common Name Bufalo Cat Cattle Dog Wolf Coyote Red fox Donkey Goat Horse Human Pig Sheep Genus and Species Diploid Number Bison bison 60 Felis catus 38 Bos taurus, B. indicus 60 Canis familiaris 78 Canis lupis 78 Canis latrans 78 Vulpes vulpes 38 E. asinus 62 Capra hircus 60 Equus caballus 64 Homo sapiens 46 Sus scrofa 38 Ovis aries 54 it isn’t about just having a normal chromosome, it is about having a viable chromosome, genes must be similar. 41 42 liger tigon Chromosomes are not homologous -can’t pair at meiosis 43 Fraternal twins Both parents are of mixed-colour How did this happen? Fertility experts speculate that an egg containing all white alleles fused with a sperm with all white alleles, producing a white baby. 44 Next topic Linkage and recombination Chapter 3 pp 48-52 Chapter 7 pp 135-140, 150-153 45...
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