Xxy male cat is calico 15 check out

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Unformatted text preview: male cat is calico. 15 Check out http://www.hhmi.org/biointeractive/media/x_inactivation-lg.mov 16 Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy XXX- normal, fertile female XO – Turner syndrome - abnormal, infertile female XXY- Klinefelter syndrome - abnormal, infertile male XYY- normal, fertile male OY - lethal y barely has any genes on it, so Xyy is barely affected 17 Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy XO-Turner syndrome: 1 in ~2500 female births Turner’s females - every cell in their body is XO - lethal. - females that survive only have a portion of their cells as XO problems at mitosis, not meiosis. 18 Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy XXY- Klinefelter syndrome 1 in 500 male births (including XXYY etc) completely viable - nondisjunction events in meiosis problem - all of the genes of the second X are turned off, except one near the telomere and one near the centromere. Phe...
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