Lecture 8- Feb 6

Lecture 8- Feb 6 - International History of the U.S in the...

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International History of the U.S. in the 20 th Century Lecture 8 February 6, 2008 Guest Lecturer: Julia F. Irwin Under the Red Cross Flag: International Humanitarian Aid as Diplomacy: The American Red Cross 1881-1920s 1) Questions a) Can humanitarian aid ever be neutral or apolitical? b) How does the state and its global ambitions serve the need of private interests? c) How do private organizations advance the state and its global ambitions? 2) Clara Barton a) “Angel in the Battlefield” b) Born 1821 in Oxford, Mass c) During Civil War established agency to give aid to wounded soldiers, and she was eventually able to work on the battlefield d) After the war she worked to help locate missing people e) Was in Europe for a couple years and saw how a Geneva Convention had an organization to help wounded soldiers; she returns to the US and tries to start an organization like this f) In 1881 she succeeded in starting the American Red Cross i) Could provide aid on the battlefield as well as at home during natural disasters, epidemics, etc. g) An “unofficial diplomat” i) Traveled to Russia, Armenia, other places to give aid 3) Cuba in the Spanish American War a) April 1898—US declares war on Spain b) Clara Barton was already in Cuba when this happened c) Tried to raise awareness in America about Cuban Reconcentrados i) Tried to raise money for aid
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Lecture 8- Feb 6 - International History of the U.S in the...

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