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Sensation and Perception Fall Semester, 2011 Rutgers University Psychology Department Course Information: Rutgers Course Number: 01:830:301:03 Date and Time: Wednesdays 10:20-11:40, Fridays 3:20-4:40 Location: HLL-114 Prerequisite: 830:101 Introduction to Psychology Instructor: Dr. John P. McGann Email: [email protected] Office: Psych 308 (Busch Campus) Office Hours: Fridays from 4:45-5:45 (after class) Teaching Assistant: Marley Kass Email: [email protected] Office: Psych 309/318 (Busch Campus) Office Hours: Wednesday 3-4 PM. Goals for this Course: There are several goals for students in this course. First, you should expect to learn the fundamental principles and many details about how the nervous system gives rise to your perception of the world around you. Second, you should gain experience in the critical reading of primary scientific literature. Third, you should gain an improved understanding of how modern neuroscientific research advances. Finally, you will hopefully walk away with an informed appreciation of the complexity and beauty of the interaction between mind and brain. Textbook: Sensation & Perception , by Jeremy Wolfe, et al. (2009) Second Edition, Sinauer Associates. We will be using the textbook Sensation and Perception by Wolfe et al, Second Edition, from Sinauer Associates (ISBN 978-0-87893-953-4). Older editions of this book may not contain the same information, so you are strongly advised to purchase the second edition. There is an optional CD called PsyCog you can purchase with this book – it is fairly interesting, but we will not be using it in this class. There are many audiovisual examples on the textbook publisher’s website and cited in the book – you should get in the habit of looking at them. Papers: In the course of the semester, your textbook reading will be supplemented with papers from the primary scientific literature, as listed below. These readings are mandatory, and you should ensure that you understand and are capable of succinctly summarizing the background, methods, results, and discussion of each of them, as this is a common exam question. The papers can be downloaded from the class Sakai site under the Resources tab. Reading: This class will cover a lot of material quickly, and you are responsible for the information in the book chapters and papers as well as the content of the lectures except when
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