Easter Island

in a world without trees driftwood is the most

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Unformatted text preview: No more canoes no more fishing no meat NO ESCAPE!!! In A World Without Trees… • Driftwood is the most precious thing on the island • The Polynesian word for “wood” means “money” on Rapa Nui Now What? More bad news! • Shoreline shellfish (Nerita) depleted Still More Bad News: Birdman Cult • The first swimmer to take an egg from the tern’s nest each spring was the Birdman of the year • These birds no longer nest in the area • All birds are gone from Rapa Nui Total War Broke Out Finally: • Statues knocked down • People ate rats • Cannibalism • Population crashes from 9000 to several hundred Almost nothing was left The Abandoned Moai Quarry How it became -Easter Island • Discovered by Europeans on Easter day 1722 • Modern/native name is Rapa Nui • Extremely isolated • 2,300 miles from Chile • 15 X 7.5 miles in size What did the Europeans find on Rapa Nui in 1722? • No trees; no shrubs over 5ft • No canoes • A few hundred inhabitants • Basic diet of sweet potatoes • No animals but chickens • Giant Moai s...
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