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Confirm decades of research by social psychologists

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Unformatted text preview: y Does confirm what we already know? confirm “Decades of research by social psychologists Decades have revealed that couples who live together before they marry are less likely to divorce than those who do not cohabitate before marriage” … those so the advice “test drive before you buy” is true. “Decades of research by social psychologists Decades have revealed that, whether choosing friends or falling in love, we are most attracted to people whose traits are most like our own….so the aphorism “birds of a feather flock together” is true. true. The Problem of Hindsight Bias: The “I knew it all along” phenomenon Outcomes seem obvious and easy to predict in Outcomes retrospect retrospect Makes findings of social psychology seem trite Makes and banal and When judging the decisions of others, hindsight When bias affects our evaluations of them bias Examples: Columbia space-shuttle disaster U.S. Intelligence and 9/11 terrorist attack Simple Common Sense: Simple Personality predicts behavior Social psychologists study the power of Social the situation to influence behavior the Example: Ross & Samuels (1993) Participants identified as competitive or Participants cooperative by dorm RAs cooperative Participants played game labeled as either Participants “Wall Street” or “Community” “Wall What would determine how p...
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