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Name which is more important in determining behavior

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Unformatted text preview: eople played What the game - their personality or the game’s name? name? Which is more important in determining behavior: Personality or Social Norms? (Ross & Samuels, 1993) (Ross % of Ss Choosing Cooperative Strategy 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Cooperative Personalities Competitive Personalities Community Game Wall Street Game A 2nd Bias: 2nd Correspondence Bias & the Correspondence Fundamental Attribution Error Fundamental We tend to overestimate the power of We personality (internal factors) and underestimate the power of the situation (external factors) in determining the behavior of others (correspondence bias), behavior ), resulting in erroneous internal attributions (FAE). The Importance of Construals Construals How people interpret, understand, and represent How social situations determine their affect, cognition, and behavior. and Construals are subjective and vary among Construals individuals - social perception is a constructive process process Construals are influenced by 4 primary motives: • • • • to be accurate to feel good about ourselves to achieve acceptance and approval of others to reduce uncertainty The Importance of Construals Construals Construals > Expectations > Confirmation: The Construals Case of the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (SFP) Case...
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