Non bloomers students identified as iq bloomers to

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Unformatted text preview: Classic studies on SFP: Rosenthal & Jacobsen (1968) Rosenthal “Bloomers” vs. “Non-Bloomers” • Students identified as IQ bloomers to teachers • Bloomers exhibited a 4 pt higher increase in IQ than Bloomers Non-Bloomers Non-Bloomers • Students not identified as bloomers but who showed IQ Students gains were less liked by teachers! gains The Importance of Construals Classic studies on SFP (cont’d): Snyder, Tanke, & Berscheid (1977) Snyder, “What you (think you) see, is what you get” • Men were given pictures of attractive or unattractive Men women and telephoned them women The Importance of Construals Classic studies on SFP (cont’d): Snyder, Tanke, & Berscheid (1977) “What you (think you) see, is what you get” • Men who were given an attractive picture found their Men partners more warm, likeable, interesting, confident partners • When other people listened to a recording of only the When women’s portion of the conversations, they also rated them women’s as warmer, more likeable, etc. as SFP in a male-female interaction SFP (Snyder, Tanke, & Berscheid, 1977) 10 Attractive Photo Unattractive Photo 8 6 4 2 0 Warmth Likeability Confidence How “Powerful” Are SFPs? How What factors (i.e. moderating What variables) determine when SFPs occur? occur? How large are the changes due to How SFPs? SFPs? Science vs. Common Sense Science vs Common Objective, rigorous data collection Subjective, biased data collection Conclusions based on analysis of data Impressionistic conclusions Error can be corrected No corrective features - error persists Foundations of the Scientific Method: Theory, Hypothesis, and Measurement Measurement Theory: Theory: A coherent set of related principles that explains observed phenomena phenomena Hypothesis: A specific, falsifiable Hypothesis: falsifiable prediction derived from theory prediction Measurement • Conceptual and Operational definitions Operational...
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