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As is clearly shown in the national center for

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Unformatted text preview: shown in the National Center for Learning Disabilities report on high school graduation rates, students with specific learning disabilities are among the groups for which progress needs to be greatly accelerated in order for the nation to reach its goal of high school graduation for all. The report also demonstrates that students with learning disabilities can graduate from high school with regular diplomas at high levels. The fact, that some states have close to 90 percent graduation rates for students with learning disabilities stands as a clear challenge to the greater number of states where graduation rates are as low as 25 percent. Not only must we do better, but clearly we can. This report takes a critical initial step in showing how — by providing the first comprehensive review and accounting of high school graduation rates for students with learning disabilities. It also documents how states vary in their expectations for these students and the measures they use to gauge progress. Together, t...
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