Fortunately there is an abundance of information and

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Unformatted text preview: tely, there is an abundance of information and resources to assist high schools in how to recognize and address the issues that contribute to students dropping out and not graduating with a regular diploma. Watering down the graduation requirements for students with disabilities — or worse yet, excusing them altogether — is not an option. As states implement more rigorous academic standards and increase graduation requirements, attention must be given to evidence-based instructional practices and other efforts to improve the rate at which students with SLD earn a regular diploma. Instead of more options and less rigor, these students need more help, particularly in their elementary and middle school years, to ensure they are able to meet the challenge of completing high school successfully. The information in this report and the recommendations that follow should/do provide a roadmap to ensure these students have every opportunity to fully achieve their potential as young adults. www....
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