However each state is allowed to define the students

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Unformatted text preview: th disabilities. However, each state is allowed to define the students with disabilities (SWD) subgroup for the ACGR. For example, some states may define the SWD subgroup as: The ACGR is available for all students, by racial/ ethnic groups, and by special populations such as students with disabilities, and provides a more accurate picture of graduation than the leaver rate. n Only students who were SWDs at graduation; The ACGR is not available by the student’s disability type. However, the ACGR for all students with disabilities provides a more valid comparison across states as well as the gaps within states. This comparison shows significant variability in the rates across states and the gaps within states as shown on the table on page 14. n Only students who entered high school as a SWD and also exited as a SWD; n Anyone who was ever a SWD between entering high school and graduation; n Or some other method.* This variation in definitions adds to the unreliability of making comparisons acr...
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