If counted as a graduate the school loses federal and

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Unformatted text preview: as a graduate, the school loses federal and state funding to help with the services for these students. If not counted as a graduate, the school is penalized accordingly. So, Kansas found a way for schools to receive credit for the student as a graduate and continue to provide transition services and receive funding. In addition to the solution above, Kansas also allows the use of extended-year cohorts in counting toward graduation. This lets schools get credit for students who take an additional year to graduate and ensures that students aren’t arbitrarily exited from school at the end of four years. Kansas is one of 17 states currently using the option of extended-year cohorts. | Diplomas at Risk: A Critical Look at the Graduation Rate of Students with Learning Disabilities | www.LD.org CONCLUSION A s the nation continues its efforts to improve the rate at which students graduate with a regular high school diploma, extra attention must be paid to students who continue to graduate at significantly lower rates — such as students with disabilities. Fortuna...
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