Ldorg some states use end of course exams rather than

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Unformatted text preview: n an exit exam. End-of-course exams allow students to be tested on the knowledge and skills they have gained from a specific course rather than from a comprehensive exam that assesses knowledge accumulated over several years and across subject areas. As noted in the NCEO study, “endof-course exams may eliminate an ‘all or nothing’ scenario in exit exams, but also could shift the contingency of graduation onto a single academic subject in which a student struggles.” Other variations across states include: n Grade at which students first take the exam n Academic content tested n Number of times a student can retake the exam or a portion of the exam Conflicting Expectations Research conducted with high school students with SLD and their parents has shown conflicting expectations. Parents tend to hold lower expectations for their child’s future achievements than students hold for themselves. Parental expectations are important because research has found they are associated with both student achievement and posthigh school outcomes. Students Said: n 88 percent expected to...
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