The state sets the minimum requirements for its

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Unformatted text preview: ements for its regular diploma and local districts may add — but not reduce — those requirements, even for students with disabilities. This ensures that all students earning a regular diploma have completed the necessary coursework under the same requirements. In the words of one Kansas official,“I have a high level of confidence that students with disabilities who are awarded a regular diploma have completed the same rigorous academic requirements as all our students.” Avoiding other options for students with disabilities — such as IEP diplomas or Occupational diplomas — also avoids the temptation to take students off track for the regular diploma. The more options available, the higher the risk of choosing the path of least resistance. Opportunity to Learn Kansas believes the best place for students with disabilities to learn rigorous academic content is in the general education classroom. Being taught by teachers who are licensed and certified in the subject they teach is critical to maximizing the 22 opportunity to learn. Only by experienci...
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