Together this makes the case that the way forward is

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Unformatted text preview: his makes the case that the way forward is to hold students with specific learning disabilities to the same high standards as all other students. Schools must provide them the supports they need to meet these standards, and policy makers must establish policies which give school districts and states the incentives and tools they need to provide these supports. Robert Balfanz Co-Director, Everyone Graduates Center School of Education, Johns Hopkins University Robert Balfanz, PhD, is a co-director of the Everyone Graduates Center and research scientist at the Center for Social Organization of Schools, Johns Hopkins University. He is the co-director of Talent Development Secondary, which is currently working with more than 100 high-poverty secondary schools to develop, implement and evaluate comprehensive whole school reforms. He has published widely on secondary school reform, high school dropouts, early warning systems and instructional interventions in high-poverty schools. Recent work i...
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