Us department of education should establish a of the

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Unformatted text preview: artment of Education should establish a of the students r Theincluded in the “students with disabilities” categoryclear definition Currently, stateswho are of the ACGR. are allowed to define the students included in this group which results in a lack of uniformity across states and compromises comparability. the should incorporate use of the ACGR r Congress andand U.S. Department of Education under the Individuals with Disabilitiesinto all monitoring compliance activities required Education Act (IDEA). Both the ACGR for students with disabilities and the graduation rate gap should be monitored and used to trigger improvement activities. Department of states to implement r Congress and the U.S.warning systemsEducation should requirehave significant graduation evidence-based early in all high schools that rate gaps between all students and students with disabilities. Education should encourage states to r Congress and the U.S. Department ofwith disabilities by disability type in ordercollect and analyze the ACGR data for students to better understand the needs and risk factors of this population. Mo...
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