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Unformatted text preview: LD.org | Diplomas at Risk: A Critical Look at the Graduation Rate of Students with Learning Disabilities | 23 Recommendations To help improve the graduation rate of students with learning disabilities as well as ensure consistency and comparability in the graduation data for the subgroup of students with disabilities, the National Center for Learning Disabilities makes the following policy recommendations: At the federal level: the U.S. Department of should continue to require use of the Fourr Congress and Cohort Graduation RateEducationfor reporting and accountability purposes Year Adjusted (ACGR) at the school, district, state, and federal levels for all groups of students as required under the 2008 graduation rate regulation. Use of extended-year cohorts, such as five- and sixyear rates should continue to be allowed. However, these extended-year rates should be reported separately and the emphasis should remain on graduating students in four years. of in the r Congress should codify all aspectsandthe 2008 graduation rate regulation including the reauthorization of the Elementary Secondary Education Act (ESEA), requirement to establish a single graduation rate goal and annual targets that apply to all student groups, and ensure that graduation is a significant factor in overall state-defined accountability systems for high schools. U.S. Dep...
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