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Lecture 12- Feb 25 - Hemisphere b Freedom i From fear of...

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International History of the US in the 20 th Century Lecture 12 February 25, 2008 One World into Two ca 1940-1948 1) Watchtower Over Tomorrow (1945) a) Idea of a long lasting peace b) United Nations becomes a point of consensus between the allied powers that can arbitrate world conflict c) Idea that international relations was connected to prosperity, economics, and geopolitical stability d) International Monetary Fund 2) Atlantic Charter a) Took place off the coast of Newfoundland—one of Britain’s colonies i) This was a sign that the United States and Britain were still connected in the Western
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Unformatted text preview: Hemisphere b) Freedom i) From fear, of religion, of security c) Winston Churchill was not too fond of it because he did not want to see the demise of the British Empire d) The United States was becoming involved in a war that it had no stake in; Britain needed the US’s support though 3) Geography a) American power shrinking the world b) America thinking about having a permanent presence in the world...
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