Lec04,05 Chinese Familism

4 the axis of chinese family the five relationships

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Unformatted text preview: 同業/ 業務 (business)? --- 同業/同事 (colleagues)? Son(s) brother-brother (兄弟) ** Any examples to include those with productive or service relationship in “family”? 3 軸心 感情關係 軸心 ≠ 感情關係 !!! -- Strongest emotional bond but not structural axis: Mother-child (母兒情)!!! ** ** 是否有把經濟關係和服務關係的人士 (e.g. 管家, 下人, 管家, 下人, 視為「家人」的例子? 伙計 … ) 視為「家人」的例子? What are the positions of father-daughter (父女) and sister-sister (姊妹) relationship ? 4 The Axis of ‘Chinese Family’ 華人家庭軸心 The Five ‘Relationships’ 五常 五倫 / 五常 Compare and Contrast the Axis of “traditional” and “modern-westernized” Chinese Families King/Ruler – Minister (君臣) ( =|= 型軸 vs. T 型軸 ) 型軸 型軸 Father – Son (父子) Traditional 「=|=」- shaped axis Husband – Wife (夫婦) vs. modern Siblings (兄弟) 「T」- shaped axis Friends (朋友) 5...
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