Lec04,05 Chinese Familism

8 the ten righteousness the ten righteousness father

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Unformatted text preview: 6 The Five ‘Relationships’ The Five ‘Relationships’ 五常 五倫 / 五常 五常 五倫 / 五常 The ‘Five Relationship’ (五倫) is proposed by Mencius (孟子) as the moral order realizing benevolence (仁) in the real social world The Husband – Wife: The essential relational obligation in the five relationship: The priority of order in roles (角色優次) is Father – Son (父子) : filial piety Siblings (兄弟) : fraternal respect Ruler – Minister (君臣) : loyalty Friends (朋友) : faith/faithfulness 相 __ 如 __ 夫 __ 婦 __ Fatherhood > Husband-hood (為父>為夫) Motherhood > wife-hood (為母>為妻) (孝) (悌) (忠) (信) So How about Husband – Wife (夫妻)? + 7 So … Who is the most important woman in the life of a Chinese man? … and who is the most important man in the life of a Chinese woman? 8 The Ten ‘Righteousness’ The Ten ‘Righteousness’ 十義 十義 十義 十義 Father (父) Son (子) Elder brother (兄) Younger brother (弟) Husband (夫) Wife (婦) Elder (長) Younger (幼) Ruler (君) Minister (臣) ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ From the ten ‘Righteousness’, what can we conclude about the ideals of interpersonal rel...
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