Lec09 Chinese Families in Hong Kong

family strategy in housing finance and care in

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Unformatted text preview: 數人頭不問關係) Change of household size and household composition (extended, stem, nuclear) dependent upon public policies, particularly the housing policy as majority of HK residents living in public housing (住戶大小與組成在乎公共政策 – 香港一半住戶居於 公共房屋) Family nucleation in Western concept implies isolation of nuclear families in modern society: (西方家庭核心化包含核心家庭的孤立) Mutual care and responsibility confined to members of nuclear family (互助關顧責任限於核心家庭內) Unilateral care from parents to offspring (單向的父母予 子女關顧) Axis of family: husband-wife relationship (夫妻主軸) Independent account for each household-family (家戶獨 立財政) 7 8 Critiques to Wong Fai-ming’s Study -- Lee Ming-kwan (李明堃) Traditional to Modern Change in Hong Kong Families – Rance Lee (李沛良) Existence of exchange and interaction among family members and relatives beyond nuclear families in terms of finance, care, social functions etc. (在財政,關顧,社交方面, 超越核心家庭的交換和互動) Family strategy in housing, finance and care in extended family with apparently stem/nuclear forms of households – the notion of ‘modified extended family’ (房屋, 財政和關顧的家庭策略 -- 折衷式擴大家庭) Ideal of extended families (兒孫滿堂) changed to ideal of conjugal families (二人 世界) Motivation to rear children lowered – both ideologi...
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