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Lec09 Chinese Families in Hong Kong

Of members of family group with utilitarianistic

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Unformatted text preview: cal and economic reasons (養兒育女 動機下降 – 意識型態及經濟原因) Family as the focus of emotional support and primary socialization (家庭成為情感支援 和首要社教化的中心) 9 Traditional to Modern Change in Hong Kong Families – Rance Lee (李沛良) Patriarchal culture more equal gender 平權 power (父權 平權) Bilateral (雙系) and utilitarian (功利) connections with family members and relatives beyond nuclear family: 10 Chinese Familism in Hong Kong Context: Utilitarianistic Familism – Lau Siu-kai (劉兆佳) Content of Utilitarianistic Familism (功利家庭主義 的內容): (more to be discussed in tutorial) Primacy of Family Interest (家庭利益的首要性) expressive (感受性) primary network in nuclear family, but instrumental (工具性) primary network (with selected members) in extended family-relative network 11 Socio-political environment being the context for improvement of family interest (社會政治環境被視為增進 家庭利益之場合) Interpersonal relationship in ‘family-group’ being conditioned by utilitarianistic principles (利用功利標準來 ...
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