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Lec06 Structure, functions and Role Responsibilities in Chinese Families

20th century 4 6 recent years 5 4 changing functions

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Unformatted text preview: 多為擴大家庭的「神話」, 忽略了: ) Short life span of the elderly – split of families after death of the elderly (樹倒猢猻散) 樹倒猢猻散) Economic viability of large extended families 當事人 直系直系-旁系 離異 核心家庭 (誰可承擔一闊三大?) 誰可承擔一闊三大?) Records of small no. of large scholar and/or merchant families representing common families (以少數官宦及大戶人家作典型) 以少數官宦及大戶人家作典型) 3 4 The Myth of Chinese Family Structure 華人家庭結構的迷思 Stem families being the most common form of families in past, but nuclear families being the most common in modern days (外觀結構上 - 傳統主幹, 現代核心): Household size from Han to Ching Dynasty (由漢朝 至清朝) 至清朝) : 4–7 ! 20th Century: 4-6 recent years: 5+ 4+ Changing Functions of Chinese Families ? 轉變中的華人家庭功能 ? Reproduction (生育) Nurturing (養育/培育) Socialization/education (社教化/教育) Caring (the young and the old, 老幼關顧) 老幼關顧 ↓? ↓? ??? ↓? 3+ HOUSEHOLD (住戶) = FAMILY (家庭) ? Economic Production (生產) --> Consumption (消費) ? …… how to define family ‘dynamically’ and ‘relationally’ apart from static definition of ‘household’ : under one roof 一戶 or with one kitchen 一伙 動態與關係式的家庭定義 動態與關係式的家庭定義 !!! Rising psycho-emotional function (心理情緒功能) ? *** More will be discussed in tutorial ! 5 Marriage in Chinese Families 華人家庭中的婚姻 6 Six Rituals in Traditional Chinese Marriage 傳統華人婚姻中的六禮 傳統 傳統華人婚姻中的六禮 合二「 合二「姓」之好 (Benefit from combination of two family names) Economic-practical consideration (實用...
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