Lec07 Personality and Moral Development in Chinese Families

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Unformatted text preview: Kohlberg’s stages Levels and Stages: Moral reasoning is considered as the basis for ethical behavior and has developmental stages (道德思維是倫理行為的基礎, 有其發展階段) 道德思維是倫理行為的基礎 有其發展階段 Level 1 (Pre-Conventional, 前常規) (up to age 9) 前常規 Stage 1 – obedience and punishment orientation (賞罸導向) Stage 2 – Egoistic / self-interest orientation (自我/自利導向) Level 2 (Conventional, 常規) (9+ to adolescence) 常規 Built on Jean Piaget’s work on cognitive/ intellectual development of children, but beyond the ages studied by Piaget (皮爾塞) Stage 3 – Conformity / good-boy-good-girl (服從/“乖乖”導向) Stage 4 – Authority and social order maintaining orientation (權威/秩序導向...
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